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Polvoron, Polvorones, Pulboron, Polboron

Finished product: coconut & almond flavor

1/8 measuring cup mold: Ube flavor

Ready for Christmas!

Recipe below is the basic Filipino version. Make sure you have the ubiquitous spring-loaded single mold. Otherwise just use any hollowed, one-inch gadget you have at home that can mold this cookie treat. Since it is pure toasted flour with lots of butter, you can also use your (very clean, sanitized) hand to make a molded ball-just like good old poor Filipinos did in the past. Bigger than a 1 inch ball would crumble easily & will never hold it's shape. Good luck!

Basic Filipino Polvoron

1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter
2 cups all-purpose flour (unbleached) 
1 cup powdered milk (Nido®)
1 cup fine granulated sugar
Pinch of salt 
1 tsp. vanilla
(can be substituted to any flavoring or essences you want)


(1) Melt on very low the butter in a small gravy saucepan. While melting butter...

(2) ...Toast flour in a wok or big, wide-rimmed, deep pan on medium high until it smells toasty. Make sure pan is dry before pouring flour into the pan. Set aside to stop cooking.

How to toast flour: continuously stir flour to prevent from burning. Make sure heat is evenly distributed to the flour. It takes 20 minutes to toast 2-3 cups of flour on medium high heat. Toasted flour also appear dirty white in color. Another way to tell it is toasted: they smell like a baked pie crust. Toasted flour also seems almost like talcum powder in weight.

(3) Set aside butter when fully melted to prevent browning. Flour & butter should be lukewarm temperature before being mixed together.

(4) Add Vanilla into the melted butter.

(5) In a medium bowl, combine the salt, sugar & powdered milk to the toasted flour. Mix thoroughly.

(6) Then hollow out the center of the dry mixture. Pour the melted butter in the middle then incorporate the flour into the melted butter. You can use your clean hands to mix the liquid mixture and the dry mixture. Otherwise, use a spatula. It will feel like putty when thoroughly mixed. That kind of texture is ready to be molded. It should be lukewarm or room temperature by then.

(7) Mold with your favorite mold. Cover and chill before wrapping to prevent crumbling. When chilled, they are almost like frozen butter.

(8) Wrap with your favorite tissue paper or cellophane while still cold & hard.

Additional ingredients to make it a hybrid polvoron:

Crushed roasted nuts (unsalted)
Rice crispies
Mini chocolate morsels or chips
Oreo® - crushed
Natural peanut butter - stir first before adding
Powdered Green Tea (matcha)

Note: nuts & dry flavorings should be added & mixed to the flour mixture; liquid flavorings, essences and extracts should be mixed to the melted butter. Peanut butter & other paste-like ingredients: add to hollowed out flour mixture before the melted butter then mix altogether.

 Pandan (screw pine) flavor

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