Monday, May 26, 2014

Healthy cookies but not sugar-free

I was intrigued when I saw this cookie recipe on the relish news-magazine. It comes with our daily local paper as one of those inserts together with the weekly store ads.

All the ingredients were available in the pantry as leftovers for some other dish I made months ago. I never like throwing anything to waste (and that is the theme you will read all throughout this blog by the way) so it was the answer to use all those dried fruits (like cranberries, cherries, apricots, plums), self-rising flour (it wasn't enough to make some biscuits), enough whole wheat flour and flax seed meal that was both expiring soon, and a couple handfuls of walnuts that you're just tired of eating by itself so it needs to be used on something else.

I have salt, cinnamon-both brown and white sugar-and eggs to complete this recipe.

This is actually bursting with flavor and texture; great for snacking too!

Since I did not really developed this recipe I will instead link you to the beast itself to follow the exact measurements and procedure.

Happy baking and enjoy!