Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Hour Cookies! The "Strawberry Margarita".

Another "Unique Sweets" show inspired creation. Sorry can't share the recipe. You must watch on tv the episode about the "Wild West Sweets" then deconstruct this cookies yourself. The link to the Cooking channel's webcast I included above does not help; it has been totally edited and cut out of the segment about the cookie. My apologies 😔

For some reason, Victory love + cookies bakery did not want Cooking channel to post that part about this cookies so you can't find it in the internet/web-at all too. Understandable-being a business and all that.
This is my third attempt of making these guys. It took me a full year to get the 'right look' of the original cookies from VL + cookies. I have to be on time to catch the show and for some reason the 2 attempts was always missing 1 or 2 ingredients so they always ended never looking the same as the original. 

By the time I developed the recipe of the cookie pictured below, there were three (3) other bloggers (tableanddish, and launa's all tarted up bakery) who already recreated this cookie but I was not just satisfied of how the recipes sounded and how it looked. The third one did not also shared her recipe but just wrote a short story and a few photos of her creation. I do know they worked hard for it and had fun-as I did for mine that's for sure!
 'Tough cookie' of a cookie (Get it? Lol)

I even have to buy a Google play episode (for less than 3 bucks) of the show only to find out the segment about this cookie was omitted.

So there I was working around my time to catch a schedule for the Wild West Sweets episode.

Again, I can not share the recipe out of respect of the Kristy Greenwood's cause as a one woman business-owner (of VL + cookies) and as a cancer survivor.

Thanks for gawking! 😋

" Strawberry Margarita Cookies "