Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Product Review: Tillamook®'s Mountain Huckleberry Ice Cream

I have to try this flavor. It was on sale. Too good of a brand to let it pass!

The first palate you can taste are SOMEWHAT notes of 'lemon-parsley' (but of course there's no lemon or parsley in it-I'm sure!); it's definitely a quick, citrusy taste. Then a faint waft of woodsy, rustic notes at the back of your tongue reaches your nose-like juniper berries.  No, I'm not going to end this review into a gin (alcohol).

By the time it reaches your throat-you can admit it is like a combination of Blackberry-Blueberry but definitely that 'woodsy. juniper' after-taste is there but just being masked by the oh, so creamy rich Tillamook® vanilla ice cream. 

I love it! Hoping they won't get rid of this flavor. 

Disclaimer: the personal opinion I may have expressed of this product is mine and mine alone. I am in no way connected to Tillamook Dairy Co-op or to any members and employees of the said organization/business establishment. I just so happen to like their products hence the shout out. This might not also be the last of unsolicited reviews about Tillamook products. If I may have misrepresented the co-op and it's members/employees due to this article, please let me know and I will take this down as soon as I can. Thanks!