Saturday, December 19, 2015

Coconut Macaroon Balls. Congolaise Couilles.

 I used to sell this under the table when I was in 5th grade (lol) in my all-girls, Alma mater run by navy blue nuns. Sounds embarrassing for people who knows me but I'm not. 

So much memories-good and bad-attached to this confection so I chose not to reveal the recipe. My Ma does not even recall the recipe for this (She's now in her 80's.) but I do. How can you forget when you learned to make this at 11 years old?

There are other recipes for this confection in the Philippines. Most of them made from 'macapuno' (mah-kah-pooh-nooh) or young coconut meat and a few other ingredients (sugar, cornstarch). And you can literally find these in any corner barrio (village) store or at the supermarket. This one is made from desiccated coconut (coconut meat that has been dried and that it now contains much less moisture than the initial fruit.). That's one secret revealed! But there are other ingredients in this macaroon not in the macapuno balls. 

Hoping you don't mind that these are just photos.  

Note: these are hand-made; not baked.