Saturday, January 23, 2016

Weekend Fried Rice

It's Saturday-thank Heavens! So are you going out for dinner tonight, have some drinks with friends or staying in and make something out of those leftovers during the last 3 days? Either way, fried rice is the quickest dinner you can make on a weekend. Plus you get to save from throwing those leftovers to waste.

Make sure your cooked rice is cold/chilled for a couple hours or at least a day old (and cold). Warm, freshly cooked rice creates gluten and your fried rice will be sticky, soggy and mushy instead of loose, free-flowing dish. 

Ideas for ingredients aside from the cold cooked rice, salt and pepper, cilantro or green onion for garnishing; anything goes!
1.  Basic omelet, thinly sliced; set aside.

2.  Cooked but cold, chopped or minced chicken, pork; any meat (grilled makes for a smokey fried rice)
  • Added last
3.  Raw jumbo shrimp, thawed & drained but still cold (flash fried or lightly grilled, set aside)
  • Added last
4.  Cooked shrimp 
  • Added last
5.  Cubed ham, flash cooked; set aside
  • Added last
6.  bell peppers, any color; cut into strips or cubed
7.  Chopped onion
8.  Roasted garlic
9.  Mushrooms (canned, drained; fresh: cleaned and sliced)
10. Carrots, cut into strips
11. Celery, sliced diagonal
12. Broccoli
13. Snap peas
14. Snow peas
15. Frozen green peas
16. Frozen corn 
17. Garlic powder
18. Onion Powder
19. Soy sauce, fish sauce, etc..
20. Few drops of sesame oil for flavoring 
22. Cooking oil of choice preferably one with high smoking point (corn oil, canola, light olive oil, vegetable; I used coconut oil)

My fried rice: it has leftover grilled chicken and pork plus pre-cooked store bought shrimp. This was actually so good. It was almost like an indulgence.

Don't forget: it helps to use a big wok or pan-cast iron included. It should also be pre-heated well almost to smoking point, including the oil you will cook on. Use liquid seasonings (soy sauce, fish sauce, etc...) last and sparingly to prevent your fried rice from being soggy.

Enjoy your weekend!