Sunday, February 19, 2017

block party and Ube (purple yam) Ice cream recipe #2: the BEST!

I have to attend this block party 4 days ago. The following days after the invite, I contemplated on what to bring. I was told by the invitee/planner of the event (great couple hands down) "any finger foods will do" but Filipino in origin "would be great!"(but not compulsory). Well, if everybody was told to bring finger foods-I am sure everybody will bring finger foods. So I thought I'll bring something to eat with a spoon and bring the cutlery myself as I do not want the hosts (They're actually Canadians-hahaha! Good neighbors too!) to bother in producing spoons or forks. Yes, it was in their spacious garage that we held the event: you just don't want to party 'on the street'? What are you a moron? 😋

Since I just bought 2 large "purple yams" (ube pronounced as ooh-beh or "purple sweet potato") at the only grocery store that sells it. (Actually I told them 2 years ago: "if you try selling it-I'll help you sell it"! Took almost a year but finally, Filipino-Americans in this town and Americans that know how to use it will finally have them on hand like any other produce they regularly buy in the store. Well what better way to introduce an ingredient to a predominantly white and Hispanic street but thru a block party in a form of an ice cream!

THIS is actually my 2nd recipe for ube ice cream and if it's not better-then it's the BEST! I highly recommend this recipe below than the other one I made last month. If you are just trying this recipe for the first time, the ube extract and gel-based food color is optional. Both has a deep purple tint.  The flavor and color of your ice cream without the extract and food color will be as natural as you get: just from the ube jam that you made.

I'm sorry to tell you if you will use ube jam in the jar without the ube extract, you will be disappointed with your ice cream. But to be able to achieve what I am talking about, you NEED to make your own ube jam instead of buying ready made ones in jars found in Filipino stores/Asian market. I only recommend this if purple yams are being sold in your area.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you can cut the ice cream recipe in half IF YOU WISH.

I still did brought 1 kind of finger food to the block party: the ever smug lumpia-pronounced as loom-pee-yah (Filipino egg-roll) and another popular Filipino flavor ice cream, avocado.

THIS WAS A HIT at the block party! Trust me-you don't need to get the branded ones in the Filipino/Asian markets laden with preservatives and difficult to pronounce ingredients.


Refrigerate heavy cream or heavy whipping cream, evaporated milk and condensed milk for 3 hours or more. Freeze the metal or wire whisk used for your electric mixer. Chill the bowls but optional.

Ube Jam


2 large ube/purple yam
1/2 cup or 1 stick plus 4 T of unsalted butter; at room temperature
1/2 t salt
1 can of chilled condensed milk


Wrap each ube in tin foil and bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes at 350° F. It will turn out to be deep, jewel tone purple and would stain anything that comes in contact with including your fingers/hands. Don't worry-it's EASY to remove. 

Cool completely at room temperature.

Peel the skin; careful with the 'ink juice'. Chop into cubes 1/2" x 1/2" and place in the food processor, together with the condensed milk, butter, and salt. Blitz until very smooth. The color is a sight to behold!

Transfer in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap; set aside in the refrigerator to chill (optional). 

ube jam pudding

Ice Cream

3 cups ube jam
4 cups chilled heavy cream or heavy whipping cream
1 can chilled evaporated milk
1/2 cup granulated sugar 
2 teaspoons ube/purple yam extract (McCormick Philippines® brand; Filipino and Asian grocery stores/market,, eBay)
1/2 teaspoon gel-based food coloring in purple


In a large bowl (preferably metal material, heat-proof glass like Pyrex or similar brand; hard plastic like Tupperware or similar quality/brand), beat ube jam, evaporated milk and sugar on low speed for 2 minutes; set aside.

Rinse the whisk in cold, running water. Dry thoroughly.

In another large bowl of the same materiel mentioned above, place heavy cream or heavy whipping cream in it. Attach the metal or wire whisk to your electric mixer and beat the cream until soft peaks form. 

With a rubber spatula, fold the cream onto the ube-evaporated milk-sugar mixture; using the electric mixer on very low alternately folding and beating, 1 minute until very smooth and color is evenly distributed.  

Transfer in a deep, 9-12 cup container with airtight lid. Place in freezer.

Wash and dry metal or wire whisk and freeze again.

After 2 hours, remove ice cream from freezer and beat thoroughly on low with electric mixer. Since it has already started setting, give yourself 1 minute to beat the whole tub of ice cream. Place back in the freezer to finally set/harden. 

Serve after 6 to12 hours. 

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